We are a jazztronica duo from London aged 20 and 25. Our influences include jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk, R&B and others. Mix it all up and out comes the sound of Blue Lab Beats!

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- NK-OK and Mr DM

UK Jazz is exploding, and Blue Lab Beats are among buzziest acts around.
— Tidal



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The imaginative production by NK-OK provides a rich musical background to Mr. DM’s soulful instrumental sermons that seem so effortless despite their intricacy. Together, they create a soundscape that is physically impossible to listen to without moving.
— Central Sauce


We reminded ourselves what we did with the two EPs and expanded a lot more on the experimentation.

The recording was finished at the amazing Real World studios in Bath. The equipment there blew our minds; vintage synths, awesome speakers and we invited 12 of the most talented musicians down to record with us (they were all our friends so we had great time for a few days too!).

The process was long and a lot of hard work because we were gigging while doing remixes for other artists. The two halves of the album show our style off well- distinctive halves but underneath the Blue Lab Beats sound.

Xover is an essential album and a modern jazz must have.
— Blues & Soul



Born in the tiny Blue Lab bedroom studio, we wanted to try and use a lot of synths and different arrangements, and really experiment. We accidentally tuned the track ‘Freedom’ a quarter key out but it fit better!

A lot of experimentation went on!

We added more of a hip-hop vibe than on the Blue Skies EP. A highlight was performing these tracks with featured vocalists, especially at AFROPUNK and WOMAD.

It’s a manifesto for Blue Lab Beats’ sound, balancing the old world and the contemporary sounds of London to help reintroduce jazz to British rap.
— Notion Magazine



One day while waiting for a vocalist to arrive at the Blue Lab bedroom studio in Golders Green, we started a beat-making session and ended up finishing an instrumental piece.

Listening back to it, we decided to do a whole EP in this lane. The fun part of this EP was jamming with the other musicians, creating ideas on the spot and also bringing NK-OK’s production ideas from the bedroom studio to Livingstone Studios in Wood Green and seeing the musicians interpret those ideas in their own way.

We weren’t expecting to gig from this EP and we were really surprised at the great reception!

This EP was what started off our Blue Lab journey!

The duo supplement are relaxed but uplifiting brass melody with a steady boom-bap beat; It’s a simple formula, but utterly effective.
— Complex

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